Watercolor done in Yellowstone Park by Welsh painter, Thomas H. Thomas

Billings native Janet Chapple will be talking about her book, Through Early Yellowstone, and the paintings of Welsh artist, Thomas H. Thomas. Thomas, working in the 1890s did a series of paintings that are housed now in Wales and that have never been exhibited in the United States.

Chapple will be reading and signing her books on Wednesday, June 14, from 5:30 to 7.

Poetry Open Mic Evening

First Tuesday of every month, This House of Books and BALA co-host an open mic poetry event at This House of Books. These have been remarkably successful. We are very pleased with the size and the diversity of the audience. Ages of partipants have ranged from students to retirees.

Decorating the windows

With our October 1 soft opening coming at us like a freight train, it's time to take a little time for frivolity! Art professor James Baken brought a group of his students down from Rocky Mountain College to decorate up our windows, with incredible results!

Painting trees

Stocking the shelves

With the flooring in place, we are finally able to move all of the inventory from Red Lodge Books & Tea into the store and start loading the shelves. That's a good thing with the soft opening less than a week away!

one of the children's shelves

One of the children's racks. Mostly nature & science on this one.

Build This House!

Build This House banner

Help build our member-owner base in the bookstore cooperative! Compete with other book clubs for awards and prizes.

Each book club that registers and purchases at least one share in the cooperative will receive a free cup of tea and a 10% in-store discount on your next reading group book.

Staining Parties

When This House of Books acquired the assets of Red Lodge Books & Tea, we got a lot of bookshelves. I suppose that’s to be expected for a bookstore. The decór in Red Lodge was all rustic light wood, mostly with raw pine and cedar. To fit with the look of the new store, those light pine shelves needed to get darker, as we did at the first of our staining parties today.

Shelf units before and after new stain

The blueing of the walls

We’ve ripped out the carpet; we’ve painted the ceiling. It’s time for the walls! Time to get rid of those drab beiges and color this place up. Once again, we had a great collection of volunteers to make things happen: and many of them came back for the second coat the next day!

volunteers painting walls

Dealing with the Ceiling

We know the white drop ceiling doesn’t fit that 1920’s Montana look that we’re after. We also know that we don’t have the budget to remove it, paint all of the exposed ductwork, and replace the lights. So we came up with a compromise: paint that ceiling dark brown, which virtually makes it disappear.

color charts

Luckily, we have the perfect color in our store’s palette.