New Tea of the Week!

Each and every week, we present you with a new tea blend. Sometimes a crazy flavored concoction, sometimes a nice, grounded straight tea, sometimes a variant on an old classic. Check back each week to see the newest blend our tea masters have cooked up!

Game Night

Thursday night is game night at This House of Books! Pop by with your friends, your sweetie, or by yourself and enjoy the company of gamers the city over. On Thursday nights, you can find a crowd that understands your passion for gaming. We have a large stock of house games to play, but of course you can bring your own, or purchase new ones to play that night. Make sure to ask about pre-order discounts when you stop by!

Our Store in the News

Our unique story has been getting This House of Books a great deal of press. Peruse some of these stories to see what people are saying about us!

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