Sandstone (Paperback)

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Elliot Marsh is a United States Marshal that is sent to the town of Sandstone by Judge Moses Whitman. The Judge has a letter from an old friend that is requesting his help. Marshal Elliot Marsh is given a free hand to find out what the problem is with the Judge's friend Able Brown. In the town of Sandstone Elliot meets an attorney to whom the Judge directed him to visit when he first arrives in Sandstone. He finds that a rancher by the name of Homer Wilson has hired a crew of gun fighters and is trying to seize the Brown ranch and others that join it. With the two riders that Elliot met in Indian Wells, they meet in a saloon in Sandstone where Elliot has a slight altercation with a young gun slinger. Elliot later learns that the young man was Sonny Wilson, Homer's son. The two Men that were Sonny were two of his dad's hired gunnies. Elliot, Booger Calloway and Bo Diddle hire on at the Brown ranch as just ordinary cowhands. The trouble begins when the local sheriff, who is a stooge for Homer Wilson, tries to arrest Elliot for the little trouble he had with Sonny. It takes a few hangings, deadly gun fights, the location of what seems to be an unlimited mine of almost pure silver, a wedding and a few other problems to solve before Elliot has the mission completed.
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ISBN: 9781466215474
ISBN-10: 146621547X
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date: August 9th, 2011
Pages: 152
Language: English