Successful Event: What Makes It Poetry

Thank you to the participants at the event, "What Makes It Poetry?" at This House of Books, the community-owned independent bookstore in downtown Billings, Montana

The audience, a standing room only crowd, was eager, involved, and asked penetrating questions. The panelists were engaging, informative, and thoroughly entertaining. The moderator shepherded the discussion with a delicate touch. Poetry books flew off the shelves, dropped into people's pockets, and went to homes to be savored and pondered later. New friends were made and old friendships renewed. Vistas were opened.

Invest in Literacy

Banner to accompany the Invest in Literacy blog post at This House of Books, a community-owned independent bookstore and tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

It’s hard to believe that another year has slipped by. So much has happened in the past year as we have continued to grow, to host author events, to form alliances with other downtown cultural businesses, to be recognized as the place to go for delicious (and sometimes adventurous) hot and cold tea, to become the downtown destination for tabletop games, and to develop into a hub for the Billings’ literary and art scene.

A Baker's Dozen for Pi Day

Image of a Pi Plate for the celebration of Pi Day at This House of Books, the community-owned independent bookstore and tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

Today, March 14, is known among geeks and others as Pi Day. Why Pi Day, you ask? Today's date is often notated as 3/14 and the value of pi (or π) is 3.14159265358979323846264338327... or to be more succinct, 3.14.

In celebration of Pi Day, we offer a baker's dozen of titles in a surprising range of books appropriate to a wide age range of readers that relate in some fashion to pi or pie, or perhaps some other variant of pi.

Special Event: Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week

Exploring our authors and illustrators who are members/owners of This House of Books in Billings, Montana, your community-owner bookstore and tea shop

The first week in February is Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week. To mark the week, This House of Books is calling attention to our local and regional children’s book authors and illustrators who are member/owners of our bookstore. We plan to wrap up the week on Saturday afternoon, February 10 at 2:00 with a special event featuring authors and delicious desserts. What better way to introduce or reinforce the romance of the written word than to bring your children to meet living, breathing authors of the best our region has to offer?