-What I am Reading Now Department: Sandstone

Cover of the anthology, SandstoneI just finished reading Sandstone, the anthology published as a fundraiser for This House of Books. Sandstore has 30 contributors and I can say that the quality is amazing. It immediately struck me when I jumped into the first story, a beautifully described story of misadventure set on the northern border of Grand Teton National Park by Pete Fromm. There are so many good contributions that it is impossible for me to pick favorites.

I have to pick a few, though, so I am going to mention a some by authors who have not recently been mentioned in my blog.

Blythe Woolston wrote “The Bone Dowsers.” She warns that all of her writing presents an “ornery outlook” and lots of salty language, and it is certainly true here. Her dual protagonists, Betty and Betty, set off on a preposterous mission to improve the world by means of “bone dowsing”? The story works! I look forward to seeing more of Blythe.

Poetry: Wilbur Wood and Elizabeth Wood, world class poets whose work is hard to find, have several pieces in here. The poems here confirm their reputations.

Also, Danell Jones—great fun to see several of her poems in print, expressing her great joie de vivre.

David Crisp—we see David regularly in Last Best News. Here he gives an insightful account of his experience in journalism, tracing in his own career a history of journalism in Montana.

There are so many contributions I have not mentioned, including some favorites, but I have to stop. Buy the book and see what I mean. This is a fine collection.