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Susan M. Elliott

Susan M. "Elli" Elliott is a writer, lecturer, workshop leader, and environmental activist based in Red Lodge, Montana. She began her doctoral work after years in urban ministry in Chicago where she served a local church, directed human rights organizations, worked in grassroots economic development, and organized direct actions on local and international justice issues.

Her scholarly work focuses on the pagan and Roman Imperial backgrounds of early Christianity, including Greco-Roman mystery cults—particularly the cult of Cybele—and central Anatolian popular religiosity. Her current book, Family Empires, Roman and Christian, is based on a lecture series offered in local churches and uses George Lakoff's work on the family metaphor in political discussion to understand early Christian family language in the context of the Roman Empire. Her first book, Cutting Too Close for Comfort, explores Paul's letter to the Galatians and the relation of the circumcision controversy to the practice of ritual self-castration.

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Susan "Elli" Elliott

Family values in the Roman empire centered on an all-powerful father-owner-master of each household and of the empire itself. Many imperial subjects, including early Christians, resisted this form of family. Elliott's review of first-century struggles over family values offers insights for understan ... Read More about
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In Cutting Too Close for Comfort, Susan Elliot considers Paul's letter to the Galatians in its Anatolian cultic context. What does circumcision have to do with castration? Self-castrated devotees of the Mother of the Gods travelled in the central Anatolian territory where the audience of Paul's lett ... Read More about
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