Spiced Blends

Spicing one's tea is a practice as old as time. From cinnamon to ginger, cardamom to pepper, vanilla to clove, licorice, ginseng, turmeric, people have been loading their teas with spices for as long as tea has been brewed. Please note that not all of these blends are inherently "spicy," but all are spiced. Some, however, may be spicy, depending on your palette.

Also, please note our page on Masala Chai, a traditional Indian form of spiced tea designed to be infused in hot milk.

Montana Gold - Cinnamon Orange Rooibos   Odin's Armpits - Cinnamon Smoked Black     Liver-Eater - Spiced Breakfast Tea with Bacon!
Montana Gold - Cinnamon Orange Rooibos