So Nice!

Customer admiring handmade, locally-sourced shopping bags featuring the logo for This House of Books

"We wanted some kind of logo item for This House of Books," explained Carrie La Seur, Board President for This House of Books. "The vast sea of Made-in-China this and that didn't seem to match the character of a community-owned bookstore, prompting us to look around for what could be made locally."

A call went out to friends and family. Surely someone must have an idea of something to which we could attach our logo—something of quality, something affordable, something attractive.

Emily Stark, Carrie's friend and an attorney from Bozeman who quilts as a hobby, used surplus quilting materials to make the bags and donated both materials and her time. Andy Wildenberg's friend Scott Severance, a Business/Economics professor at Rocky Mountain College here in Billings, did the silk screening at cost (probably below cost). For those of you who don't recognize Andy's name, I will mention that he is Carrie's spouse.

The bags traveled through the hands of a few board members from Emily to Scott to the store. Now they hang on the coat rack at our downtown store.

Why buy them? Because each bag is one of a kind, handmade, and awesome! Get yours soon. Once these are gone, that's all there is.