Our Tea Bar

This House of Books is a comfortable place to relax, surrounded by a carefully-curated collection of books. What better complement could there be than a carefully-curated selection of tea to accompany the books? The tea bar at This House of Books was part of the plan from the beginning, and once we were able to start selling tea it became obvious how perfectly books and tea go together. The people who want to pick up a physical book rather than an ebook are the same ones who’d rather relax with a cup of freshly steeped premium tea than grab a cup of coffee on the run.

We now have over 150 varieties of tea, herbs, and spices sourced from all over the world, ready to buy. You can enjoy a cup of tea in the shop as you peruse out fine selection of books, then take home a supply of the same tea to enjoy at home. In addition to serving quality single-ingredient teas, we also create dozens of our own blends on premises as part of the Made in Montana program.

Whether you’re looking for bulk tea, specialty tea drinks by the cup, teaware, or accessories, we’re proud to be your source.

Pure Teas


Flavored Teas and Tisanes