Other Blends

The Hounds of Zaroff - Toasted Almond Black   The Jewel of the Seven Stars - A dark, rich shu pu-erh with chocolate, hazelnut, and strawberry

Utopia - Sweetened Matcha   The Armies of Qin Shi Huang - Chocolate Vanilla Pu-Erh   Nectar of Moritasgus - Honey Mead Black Tea   Pirate's Bounty - Rum-Infused Breakfast Tea   The Sherlock - Caramel Walnut Roasted Mate   Metamorphosis - Caramel Red Rooibos   Black Cow Herbal - Root Beer Float Red Rooibos   Sarsaparilla Sunset - Sassafras Red Rooibos   Cabin in the Woods - Apple Pie Fruit Tisane