Minty Blends

Mint has been a staple of society for ages. Romans would use it not only for drinking, but for scenting baths, for perfume, and even for curing many ailments. Their mythology tells that a nymph by the name of Menthe fell for the god of the underworld Pluto. When Pluto's wife Persephone discovered this, in a fit of jealousy, she turned this young nymph into a lowly plant to be trod on by all. Pluto, unable to reverse the spell, softened it by making the plant smell all the sweeter when trod upon, as well as regrow quickly and often. The name eventually evolved into Mentha, and so became the species of all the mints we love and adore.

Here, you will find both caffienated and non, both traditional and non, both soft and strong. Bases vary, as does intensity between these various blends.

Cabbages & Kings - A sweet peppermint herbal honeybush blend.   Moroccan Mint - A potent spearmint green tea.   Tesla Coil - Highly caffeinated double-mint blend.   Panzer - A stanch vanilla peppermint shu pu-erh.