Invest in Literacy Campaign

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This opportunity to double your investment in This House of Books lasts through October 22. You purchase a Preferred Share and the board will invest another $500. Act now!


From Carrie La Seur

Volunteer Billings Bookstore Cooperative board chair

I'm your volunteer Billings Bookstore Cooperative board chair, here to talk to you at the end of our first year (already!) about what This House of Books brings to downtown Billings and how important your support is. In just 12 months we've hosted hundreds of cultural events: author readings, poetry open mics, game nights, book groups, writers' workshops, and more. Next month we'll partner again with High Plains Book Fest to bring Billings more of what makes a great city great: a lively downtown literary and art scene. 

It's tough to start any small business and ours is no exception, but we're on an upswing. This has been our best quarter so far and we're looking forward to profitability next year. The board of directors and I believe so strongly in this venture that from now through the end of High Plains Book Fest on October 22, we'll invest another $500 in the bookstore for each new purchase of a $500 Preferred Share. Invest in literacy—with potential annual dividends of up to 8%—and your support will go farther than ever. Shares also make great gifts.

Let's make this a great holiday season for books! Thanks again for everything you do to keep books close to the heart of downtown Billings.

All the best,

Carrie La Seur