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Good News!

Our holiday catalogs are out! Actually, they've been here for a while, but we wanted to wait until folks had a chance to completely celebrate Thanksgiving before we announced it.

Independent bookselling is enjoying a renaissance! Customers are seeking out and supporting local bookstores. Independent booksellers, like This House of Books, offer customers a unique opportunity to discover great titles and a closer relationship with authors, fellow readers, and community.

Eat, Sleep, Read, and Shop Local

Our favorite catalog is Books: Holiday Gift Guide. This one is available for free in the store. The books are sorted into groups for your convenience: Nature, Biography, Inspiration, The Epicurean, Fabulous Fiction, History, Children's Books, Young Adult, The Library, Arts & Letters, and Books for Young Navigators.

Another of our catalogs, Holiday Books: The Best of the Independent Northwest 2017 is a project of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association. PNBA supports independent bookselling in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. This catalog is available online. Just click the link. Select from Best of the Northwest, Gift Exchange, Power Reading, Truth & Consequences, Science & Nature, Reflection & Connection, Lay It on the Table, Adult Fiction, Middle Reader/YA, Kids, and Picador Modern Classics. Check out the catalog, then stop by or call us to purchase your selections.

Hurry! These books are moving quickly. If your chosen titles are already sold out, we are happy to place an order for you. You can pick up your books at the store or ask to have them shipped to you for a nominal fee.


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