Floral Blends

Jasmine Green - Jasmine-Infused Pan-Fried Chinese Green Tea   Top-Shelf Jasmine - Only the best hand-rolled, jasmine-scented green tea pearls

Evening in Missoula - A complex, spiced & minted chamomile tisane   Dreams of Tomislav - A soft, soothing chamomile and lavender tisane   Dr. Gunn's Bona Fide Stomach Soother - A smooth chamomile and green rooibos tisane with ginger and mint. *not actually bona fide

Neptune's Bounty - A rose hip-based tisane with chamomile and butterfly pea petals. It's blue!   Iron Magnolias - A tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) oolong traditionally scented with magnolia blossoms