Find the Leprechaun

Find the hiding Leprechaun and maybe catch a sweet discount at This House of Books, the community-owned independent bookstore and tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

Somewhere in our shop, a wee Leprechaun is hiding. It he standing on a shelf with some books, blending in among the toys, peeking out of a teacup, sitting under a table, or hiding someplace clever? We don’t know. Being magical creatures, Leprechauns can be tricky.

What we do know is that if you catch the Leprechaun and bring him to the cash register, he will give up a piece of his gold. When you reach into his pot ‘o gold, the coin you withdraw will have mysterious Leprechaun writing on it. Decoding the runes on the coin will unveil whether you’ve won a discount of 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, or nothing on your purchase, or maybe you will win a chance to draw again. No matter what the code reveals, you are guaranteed to win a piece of chocolate.

The coin with the discount code entitles the winner to the specified discount on books and teas sold in the store and may not be used for special orders, for online purchases, art, or gifts. Leprechaun coins are valid only at This House of Books during regular business hours of the period between March 12-17. 2018. Only one coin per customer per day.

For complete rules and eligibility requirements, please see