Consignment Program

Our inventory is carefully curated to fit our community and our mission. We focus on local authors, subjects, and settings; Western history and literature; science, nature, and outdoors; and children’s books. Even within our specialty, though, we must select our books with care. Please read our policies carefully before submitting your book for our consignment program.

What We Expect

  • Professionally edited and proofread books.
  • Professionally bound books—nothing spiral bound except (rarely) certain cookbooks.
  • Title and author clearly legible on the spine of the book.
  • Books of local or regional interest.
  • An ISBN/EAN and a scannable bar code. Library of Congress numbers are not required.
  • Recently released books. While there are exceptions, we generally want to present our customers with fresh, interesting reads.
  • Appropriately-priced books for their style and genre.


What We Will Not Accept

  • Books with vulgar or offensive covers. We reserve the right to determine this on a book-by-book basis.
  • Books with covers or internal pages encouraging readers to buy more copies elsewhere. We’re not here to promote Amazon or other retailers.


Terms & Conditions

  • We will take an initial stock of three copies of each consignment title we agree to carry.
  • Our consignment agreement is for a six-month period. We will generate sales reports and issue payment on a quarterly basis.
  • If your book is accepted for our consignment program, there is a one-time $20 administrative fee. This fee is waived for all member-owners.
  • We pay per the industry-standard 60/40 split (60% to you, 40% to the store).
  • Restocking after the consignment period is at the discretion of This House of Books.
  • We will not pay shipping to return unsold books. It is your responsibility to pick them up.
  • This House of Books will not reimburse you for damaged or stolen books—only books that we have sold.
  • Our shelf space is limited, and we will give preference to Billings-area authors and to This House of Books member-owners.
  • Marketing is your responsibility. Letting friends and family know that they can purchase your book at This House of Books is a big part of creating a successful consignment.
  • You will provide links to This House of Books on your website and social media, letting people know that we carry your book.