Celebrating the Season

Image for Tea and Hot Chocolate Bar at This House of Books

If you have read Brillat-Savarin’s The Physiology of Taste, written in 1825 and astutely translated by MFK Fisher, you will fondly remember the Professor’s essay on hot chocolate. In it he said, “in order to make a truly exquisite chocolate, countless subtle equations must be solved, from which we benefit without even having been conscious of them.”

Gustavo is now creating hot chocolate drinks for the season. He is making them the right way. These are premium drinks with no mixes and no shortcuts.

Starting with a blend of high quality cocoa and flavored sugar to build intensity, Gustavo finishes the drink with actual chocolate. In the tradition of the Mesoamericans who discovered chocolate almost 4000 years ago, Gustavo is blending in other spices and flavorings to enhance the drinks. He promises a variety of wonderful beverages based on this solid foundation.

Come and enjoy some of Gustavo’s hot chocolate drinks this season!