Art Event: Kristin Logan Mayer

Art Event: Photographs by Kristin Logan Mayer at This House of Books

A native of Billings, Kristin Logan Mayer developed her appreciation of photography at an early age as she poured over National Geographic magazines.

As she grew, her parents supported her interest. Jim Logan, her father, was her photography teacher. He pushed her to develop her own eye and expression. As she frames her photos, she tries to capture the feeling of a place and the details that may be overlooked, but are essential to the overall expression of a scene. When not indulging in photography, she received her MBA from The University of Montana, is a stay at home mom, practices taekwondo and is in the process of adopting a child from China.

Mayer's art photography will be on display and for sale at This House of Books through March. But don't wait to come see it. Drop by today.