We have a great team heading up the effort, but that’s only the beginning. Hundreds of people have been involved in building the co-op, and you could be one of them! To make a community-owned store a reality, use the "Get Involved" menu to become a member/owner, a volunteer, or an employee.

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Photograph of Gustavo Berlotta, General Manager at This House of BooksGustavo Belotta, General Manager

Gustavo has worked in the book retail market for over 16 years and has read a few here and there in that time. He will occasionally do some writing, some acting, some painting, or anything else creative that takes his fancy. He can be found playing board games or trying to convince people to play board games the rest of the time.

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Mollie Jensen

Mollie has been a book lover her whole life. She enjoys all kinds of different genres and varied subjects. Every new book is a new adventure!

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We are lucky to have Patrick on staff as he is a man of many talents. Please check back for details in a week or two.