If you want to be a part of this exciting project, it’s easy! This is not a subscription, it’s not an annual fee, and we won’t be doing pledge drives every year. Once you’ve purchased your share(s), you are a member/owner and we'll look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting each April!

Three easy steps:

  1. Download our Fact Sheet for Investors and a Stock Purchase Agreement.
  2. Complete the Stock Purchase Agreement and return it to the store in person, by mail, or scanned into an email and addressed to gustavo at thishouseofbooks dot com.
  3. Click on one of the buttons below to pay for your share(s).

If you’re a published author, you’ll also want to take a look at our Fact Sheet for Authors. All of the printable PDFs are available on our Downloads page.

***PLEASE NOTE that the share certificates are issued periodically by our volunteers. You may have to wait a month or two for the certificate to reach you, but don't worry, it's coming. With hundreds of members and more joining all the time, we're working hard to get the job done.***


Buy Caldecott levelCaldecott level ($100): This button buys one common share. You receive one common share and become a full voting member of the co-op. You will get 5% off of all purchases at the store and café.

Buy Newbery levelNewbery level - 1 Common Share + 1 Preferred Share ($600): This button buys one common share plus one preferred share. All the benefits of a Caldecott member, plus a preferred share to make you eligible for dividends. You can register early for classes and tea tastings, and you will be invited to annual “ARC” parties where you can pick up free advance copies of new books.

Buy Pulitzer levelPulitzer level ($1,100 to $9,900): This button buys one common share plus two preferred shares for $1,100. All the benefits of a Newbery member, plus your discount increases to 10%. Your name will appear on the member page of the website, and you will have an opportunity to try new tea blends before they are released. With multiple preferred shares, your dividends will increase as well!

Buy Pulitzer Plus levelPulitzer Plus level ($5,100): This button buys one common share plus ten preferred shares for $5,100. Pulitzer benefits with higher dividends.

Buy Nobel levelNobel level ($10,100 or more): This button buys one common share plus 20 preferred shares for $10,100. All the benefits of a Pulitzer member, plus your discount increases to 15%. You will receive invitations to all VIP receptions and events at the store (including “meet & greet” gatherings with prominent authors), and your name will appear on a plaque in the store.

Buy an Additional Preferred Share1 Preferred Share ($500): This button buys one preferred share. This is a non-voting share.

Whether you choose to buy a single $100 share or make a large investment, every co-op member is valuable to us, and we appreciate your interest in being a part of this unique Billings project!

Share Types

Common shares are $100. Every member may purchase no more than one common share, which entitles you to vote for members of the Board of Directors and any other issues that are put to a vote at the Annual Meeting or Special Meetings.

Preferred non-voting shares are $500 each, and entitle the shareholder to any dividends that the Board may issue if and when the cooperative becomes profitable. There will be no more than 1,000 preferred shares issued, to prevent excessive dilution of value.